Sendai's Solution to Website
Operation and Innovation

It isn't just enough for a site to look nice.
At AndHA, we value our websites.
We follow leading theories and design
through a variety of projects.
We utilize Google Analytics, ad management,
and marketing to
expand social media presence.

Are these
challenges familiar?

  • My site feels outdated,
    it could use a face-lift.
  • I want to build an e-commerce website,
    but I don’t where to start.
  • It would be nice to centralize my
    DTP and advertisements.
  • I’ve renewed my site,
    but traffic isn't increasing.

Our services range from website development to
increasing your
website’s exposure

Web development can seem like a daunting task when design theories,
ad management, and utilizing social media all play an important role.
We want to make that process simple.