Privacy Policy

ARTICLE I: General
AndHA inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), which operates the AndHA Website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”), respects the privacy of Users of the Website (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) and is committed to protecting the privacy and management of Users’ Personal Information.

The Company has established the following policies to responsibly protect the Personal Information of Users, and will implement and maintain the measures and continuously improve upon them. We will comply with laws, regulations, and other rules regarding the protection of Personal Information.
ARTICLE II: Personal Information
In this Privacy Policy, “Personal Information” means information about a living individual as defined in the Personal Information Protection Law that can be used to identify a specific individual by name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, or other description contained in such information (including information that can be easily cross-checked with other information and thereby be used to identify a specific individual).
ARTICLE III: Collection of Personal Information
The Company shall obtain Personal Information through legal and fair means, and shall not obtain Personal Information illegally against the User’s will. When collecting Personal Information, the Company shall notify or publicly announce the purpose of the use of said Personal Information in advance.
ARTICLE IV: Use of Cookies by the Company
The Company may collect information on preferences, history, and other information pertaining to User privacy from cookies and IP addresses. Users may refuse the Company’s use of cookies by disabling cookies in their browser settings. However, the User should be aware that by disabling cookies, it may cause some functions of the Website to become unavailable.
ARTICLE V: Purpose of the Use of Personal Information
The Company shall use Personal Information collected from Users for the following purposes:
1. To reply to inquiries and consultations from Users.
2. To send estimates, invoices, materials, etc. in response to requests from Users.
3. When requesting Users to provide their opinions and impressions of our services.
4. To issue a warning or caution to a User who has committed or may commit an act that violates any of
the Privacy Policy of this site.
5. To demand that a User who owes a debt to the Company fulfills that debt.
ARTICLE VI: Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
The Company shall not disclose or provide collected Personal Information to third parties in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and the Administrative Scrivener Law.
However, this shall not apply in the following cases:
1. When disclosure is permitted by law.
2. When disclosure is required by law.
3. When disclosure is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual.
4. When disclosure is requested by a public agency such as the police, prosecutors, courts, the Consumer Affairs Agency, etc.
ARTICLE VII: Management of Personal Information
The Company shall manage Personal Information strictly in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and the Administrative Scrivener Law, and shall endeavor to maintain confidentiality. However, we make no warranty to the User that the information will be completely prevented from being leaked, lost, or altered by others.
ARTICLE VIII: Relevant and Accurate Personal Information
We shall endeavor to maintain accurate and up-to-date Personal Information of Users to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
ARTICLE IX: User Inquiries
When a User requests that the Company inquire about, correct, add, stop using, or delete the User’s Personal Information, the Company shall confirm the identity of the User. If we determine that the inquiry is made by the User themself, we will respond to the inquiry within a reasonable period of time.
ARTICLE X:Changes in the Purpose of Use
Changes to this Privacy Policy, such as changes to the purposes for which Personal Information is used or how Personal Information is managed, shall become effective when the Company posts the revised Privacy Policy on the Website.
ARTICLE XI: Disclaimer
We will not be liable for any of the following cases, even if a third party obtains the User’s Personal Information:
1. When the User reveals their Personal Information to a third party through the functions of the Website or through other means.
2. In the event that the User has given their consent to the acquisition of Personal Information by the said third party.
3. When Personal Information is obtained from other websites linked to from this Website.
We are not responsible for the privacy protection of the linked sites on this Website.
Users visit linked sites at their own risk.
ARTICLE XII: Management
The person responsible for the management of Personal Information on our company, in addition to inquiries regarding Personal Information, is as follows:
Company ConcernedAndHA inc. | 株式会社アンドエイチエー
RepresentativeTakashi Miura
Miyagi-ken Sendai-shi Aoba-ku Honcho 1-12-12201 GM Building 4F
Telephone022-302-5351(Weekdays 10:00〜18:00)

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